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Guiding you through the eminent domain process

A government taking sounds like a very harsh and negative event. While it does entail the government taking some or all of your property against your will, it does not mean a property owner in Florida or elsewhere has no rights to take action. Thus, it is first important to understand the eminent domain process, as this information can help a property owner take steps to best protect their rights and options.

What is the re-zoning process?

Whether it is an already built structure or one under development, the location in which the property is will determine certain factors about it. Zoning regulations are used by municipalities in Florida and elsewhere to restrict, control and direct the development of property located within its borders. The main purpose behind setting up these restrictions was to divide the residential, commercial and industrial districts within a municipality. However, property owners and developers often seek to deviate from these restrictions.

Florida family in HOA dispute concerning fence

Owning real estate often means dealing with various issues related to that property. For some, that may simply mean maintaining the property and paying a mortgage and property taxes. For others, this may mean complying with certain regulations concerning their parcel of land. Specifically, if there is a Home Owners Association, property owners not only have dues but must also comply with the rules set by their HOA. Failing to do so could result in a real estate dispute.

Understanding zoning regulations

When people in Florida purchase, sell or update their property, it is important to understand certain restrictions that may exist. In other words, regulations regarding land use and zoning define what can be built on certain land and what that property can be used for. These regulations allow property owners to get the most out of their property; however, they can also cause restrictions. Because of this, some property owners may seek to re-zone their property so they can use the land for reasons other than what it was initially zoned for.


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