Full Compensation For Renters

Full Compensation For Renters

Renters of homes or apartments are also considered entitled to compensation under Florida law. In general, if a lease contains a condemnation clause that spells out exactly what compensation is due tenants in the event of a condemnation of the rental property, the clause will be upheld by the courts. In general, tenants are always entitled to the cost of fixtures and equipment lost because of the forced relocation. If there is no enforceable condemnation clause, tenants may be entitled to receive a sizeable portion of compensation paid for the real estate.

Mobile home owners who rent the site on which their home sits are entitled to relocation cost up to the value of replacing the mobile home. They are also entitled to the cost of any permanent improvements to the site that cannot be relocated.

What constitutes full compensation in your situation is governed by complex statutes and precedents. Only an experienced eminent domain
has the resources and knowledge to sort out the nuances and get you the full measure of compensation to which you are entitled.

To maximize your compensation, please call or email us today to schedule your free initial consultation. Our condemnation attorneys represent private property owners throughout the State of Florida, and, in most cases, the government has to pay your court costs and our attorneys’ fees.

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