Eminent Domain For I-95 Overland Bridge Project

The I-95 Overland Bridge project, the most expensive road construction project in Jacksonville history, is scheduled to begin late next year. Right now, the city is preparing to acquire all the land it needs for the project. With recent revisions to the construction plan, over a hundred property owners will be asked to give up part or all of their property to allow for the project’s completion. About $52 million of the construction budget has been allocated for acquiring these properties. To ensure you get full compensation for your property, you should work with an experienced eminent domain lawyer who can ensure your property is properly evaluated.

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The Project

The I-95 Overland Bridge Project is designed to expand and rebuild I-95 from the Fuller Warren Bridge to San Diego Road. It will also include a significant revision of the interchange at Atlantic Boulevard. It will also include supplemental projects such as retaining ponds and collector/distributor roads. The goal is to improve the safety and ease of travel on this stretch of road and replace the older road structures that had not been designed to handle the current level of traffic.

The entire length of the project is listed as 0.267 miles. Traffic will be adjusted on several other roads in the area, including changing two-way roads to one-way roads.

The Takings

Based on the initial project design, over 60 property owners in the area were informed their property would be taken through eminent domain to allow for construction on the project. Initially, the project had a 5-year timetable, but in response to public feedback, the project was condensed into a single 3-year plan, which increased the number of eminent domain takings to over 100. In addition, many businesses in the area were informed that they would lose the use of public resources, such as parking.

In addition to these formally-announced takings, it is likely that the new road configuration will result in damages to a number of properties in the area. If your property suffers significant damages that make the property unsuited to its former use, you may be able to file an inverse taking lawsuit to get compensation.

Full Compensation

You may not think the amount of money the city has offered to purchase your property represents the full value of your property. Especially in the case of partial takings, care must be taken to ensure you get fully compensated for your property, including severance damages. An experienced eminent domain lawyer can identify the key things to look for to determine whether you are receiving full compensation for your property.

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