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When the loss of property to the government through the eminent domain process cannot be avoided, the goal needs to shift from preventing the taking to ensuring that the property owner is fully compensated for his or her loss.

Determining the value of what is being taken is a very complex question. Many different aspects need to be considered, including the property type:

Beyond considerations of the type of property, there are numerous issues to be considered to make sure that a property owner is fully compensated for the loss of his or her property, including:

The Decades Of Experience You Need

At the Property Rights Law Firm, P.A., we put our decades of experience to work helping people maximize the compensation they receive through the eminent domain process. That experience allows us to identify all of the potential consideration, which needs to be made in order to arrive at a comprehensive picture of the full value of your property. Our skill in navigating the process helps ensure that our clients are fully compensated.

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For representation that can help you walk away from the eminent domain process with the highest level of compensation, turn to the Property Rights Law Firm, P.A. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 407-208-2652 or contact us online.

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