Hiring An Eminent Domain Attorney

Why Do I Need An Attorney?

For most of us, our home or business is our single biggest asset. It’s an essential part of the American dream, and when the government takes it from you by force, why should you take less than its full value? The government may offer you what seems a fair price, but the truth is that you can usually get a better offer when you are represented by experienced, knowledgeable counsel. Florida Eminent domain is a peculiar area of law with subtle nuances that can significantly determine the monetary value of any given property, and most lawyers, let alone home owners, do not know of the full extent to which these laws can apply in every case. Best of all, hiring an attorney from the Florida Property Rights Law Firm costs you nothing because the government is responsible for all attorneys fess and taxable costs.

But I Don’t Want To Be Involved In Litigation?

While eminent domain proceedings are held in court, they are different from typical court proceedings, and do not necessarily come to a trial. In Florida eminent domain cases, the government is trying to acquire title to the property while we are trying to establish what constitutes full compensation to you as property owner. That’s the long and the short of it. There are no claims of wrongdoing or fault, and you need not become extensively involved if you hire an experienced attorney.

But Isn’t My Case Doomed To Failure? You Can’t Fight City Hall, Can You?

The basis of this country is that the government serves the people, not the other way around. You not only can fight city hall, you have a responsibility to do so. If the government tries to bully citizens into giving over their real estate for little or no compensation, it will use eminent domain recklessly. If it is forced to pay full value, it will be more responsible and only take property when absolutely necessary.

What Should I Look For When Considering An Attorney To Represent Me In My Eminent Domain Action?

You should look for an attorney who is specialized in Florida eminent domain law, who has experience and demonstrated results. Ideally, you should retain a firm:

  • Whose practice is extensively focused on eminent domain matters
  • Whose attorneys have handled hundreds of eminent domain cases
  • Whose attorneys have handled both private owner’s work and public agency work (this is important to be able to know a case backwards and forwards)
  • Whose attorneys are willing and eager to work on a contingency basis-if they’re looking for up-front cash, they may not be confident they can win your case
  • Whose attorneys provide you with numerous documented examples of successful results

Many attorneys might say they practice Florida eminent domain law, but most of them do it as a sidelight to earn a few bucks here and there when the opportunity arises. But your property is your most valuable asset-why trust it to a moonlighter?

But Won’t My Increased Earnings Be Eaten Up In Attorney’s Fees?

No. In most cases, the governmental authority has to pay all attorney’s fees. That’s right, not only do we work on contingency, but if we win, you don’t even pay us. It is the government’s responsibility to compensate us above and beyond what they pay you.

Why Should I Consider The Florida Property Rights Law Firm To Represent Me In My Eminent Domain Action?

Long story short: we feel that we handle our cases in an aggressive but professional manner that gets our clients the best possible results. Our attorneys have successfully handled numerous cases. The attorneys at the Florida Property Rights Law Firm have focused their practice on the field of eminent domain law, and we handle these cases very well. Most importantly, we strive to get the optimal outcome, and we absolutely will not yield until we have done everything we can in your case.

If your property has been condemned by the State of Florida, your township or any other governmental authority, the attorneys at The Florida Property Rights Law Firm will help you understand the condemnation process and your rights as a Florida property owner. We’ll fight to help you keep your property and/or ensure that you receive full compensation for what you’ve lost.

Our condemnation attorneys represent private property and business owners throughout the State of Florida. We don’t charge for an initial consultation and, in most cases, the government has to pay your court costs and our attorneys’ fees. Please call or email us today to schedule your initial consultation.

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