What Types Of Property Are Subject To Eminent Domain?

There are many types of property that can be condemned through Eminent Domain. The attorneys at The Florida Eminent Domain Firm are experienced in all types of property taken by the government with the most common being:

  • Commercial / Business Property is subject to many variables. If the property owner is also the business owner, compensation for business loss may be recoverable. If the business owner is leasing the property, the owner can generally receive compensation for the value of the leasehold, for moving expenses, and sometimes for damage to merchandise and loss of business goodwill. For more information, see the Full Compensation page.
  • Residential Property primarily leads to compensation for the owner when condemned. The value of the property and any moving expenses will be compensated as part of full compensation. For renters, the amount of compensation depends on whether their rental contract contains an enforceable condemnation clause.
  • Agricultural Property is considered a special case. With many states responding to the 2005 Kelo v. New London case by seeking to secure private property against development, agricultural land that has traditionally been seen as a profit-taking opportunity by developers may find new protections. At the very least, agricultural land, minutely defined under Florida statutes is likely to command greater compensation settlements than in the past.

Let our attorneys help you fight the government to ensure that you obtain the highest compensation possible for your property and / or business. Our experienced eminent domain lawyers know how to take advantage of all facets of current and developing law. Contact the Eminent Domain Law Firm today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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