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Understanding the eminent domain process

The last thing a property owner in Florida wants to see happen to their property is see it taken away from them. However, that is what could happen if the government seeks to use a private property owner's property for the benefit of the public. Through the act of eminent domain, the government could take some or all of one's property for the purpose of serving the public. However, property owners do have rights in these matters that should not be overlooked.

Guiding you through zoning issues in an eminent domain action

Property owners in Florida seek to maintain or increase the value of their property. There are many steps one can take to make his or her individual property hold more value. However, there are certain land use and zoning laws that could also impact the valuation of property. By seeking a zoning change, certain properties could gain value, allowing them to be at their best and their highest use. However, the opposite could occur if the government instills a downzoning.

Couple wins lengthy battle over use of land

Owning one's own property often means that a Florida resident may exercise a great deal of authority over how that property is maintained and for what purposes it is used. As readers of this blog know, however, municipalities may limit the permissible uses of various parcels based on how they are zoned and any applicable ordinances that may be in place. One Florida couple endured a multi-year battle over an ordinance that blocked their desires to maintain a garden on their property.

Steps to ridding yourself of squatters

The first thing to understand about squatters, is that they’re pests who disrupt your property from running smoothly and properly. A squatter taking over your property is very real, and it can become increasingly difficult to remove them if you can’t stay a step ahead.

Legal support for late summer moves

While it is often the case that Florida residents look for homes where they expect to live for the long-term, it is not unusual for changes to happen in their lives that may necessitate moves. For example, a divorce or remarriage, a job transfer or change or even the birth of a child may all force home owners to look into moving to accommodate their changing needs. Summertime is a popular time for individuals to sell their homes and relocate as it minimizes the disruptions their families may experience since most children are on break from school until fall.


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