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The civil side of trespassing

Many readers of this blog know that trespassing is a crime. Trespassing generally occurs when someone intentionally enters the property of another person without that person's permission. When a trespass is criminal, it may be prosecuted by the municipality where the crime was committed. When it is a civil matter, it may be pursued by the aggrieved land owner.

Home ownership may not be for everyone

Owning a home is one of the pillars of the traditional American dream. Many Florida residents may prioritize saving their money, so that one day they can afford a down payment on a residence of their very own. While owning a home certainly has its advantages, there are individuals who may not want or benefit from taking on the responsibility of owning real property.

What property cannot be taken through eminent domain?

The reach of the government to take land through eminent domain may seem limitless. Eminent domain can deprive Florida residents of their ownership of land and other parcels of real estate. Readers may not be aware that eminent domain can apply to other types of property, like franchises and legal agreements, and that there are different bases on which the government can plead its eminent domain cases.

Commercial real estate leases should meet tenants' needs

Florida residents who rent apartments may have noticed that many of the contracts they were asked to sign look the same. Residential real estate leases often contain the same boilerplate terms, with few changes to show that they cover different properties and different amounts of rent. This is not the case for commercial properties, however, and when it comes to drafting a lease for a commercial space, a prospective tenant should be sure that their contract represents their needs.


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