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Sound guidance for Florida real estate disputes

Over the last few months, this blog has published a number of posts that show how landowners can use and interact with their properties. From variances and covenants to easements and zoning, there are many different issues that can impede the use and enjoyment of the land that individuals own. Working around these issues can be an undertaking and some property owners may not know where to start.

What is a covenant?

Florida is home to many exclusive neighborhoods that offer their residents beautiful grounds, impressive amenities, and other perks. The homes in these neighborhoods are often quite valuable, and residents may have options for customizing those structures into the houses they wish to live in. Despite the money they pay to purchase their homes and the modifications they make to ensure they have what they want, residents may still be restricted in what they may do with their properties in such places.

Millennials are breaking into the Florida housing market

Buying a home is a big undertaking at any age. It can take years for an Orlando resident to become financially stable and be able to commit to the long-term payment of a home loan. From saving for a down payment to finding an affordable residence that meets one's needs, a person can spend a lot of time planning their residential real estate purchase.

What is a partial taking by the government?

When it comes to eminent domain law, many of the terms and jargon are confusing. You need to understand your rights so you know what the government can and cannot do when it tries to take your property. One of those confusing terms is “partial taking.” Just what is it and what are your rights if the government plans a partial taking of your property?

What is an implied easement?

Not long ago this blog discussed the topic of express easements. Express easements are just one type of easement that property owners may have to recognize on their land and this post will address how implied easements may be formed and recognized under the law. While this post does provide information to its readers, it should not be read as legal advice or counsel.


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