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Property owners secure compensation for pipeline construction

Ensuring that Florida residents have access to safe and adequate power sources is a constant process of the utility companies that service the state. Over the course of the last decade, multiple power companies have attempted to work together to build a more than 500 mile-long natural gas pipeline through Florida and parts of other surrounding states. The companies engaged in eminent domain proceedings to take land from Florida residents in order to construct their controversial project.

While some Floridians accepted the payouts that the utility companies offered them, others chose to fight the taking of their land in court. Two property owners, a father and son, decided to stand up to the imposition of the pipeline through their properties and won. A Florida jury awarded them more than $1 million in damages for the harm they suffered.

What businesses facing condemnation can expect

There are many elements of the equation to commercial success. Business owners understand all the careful strategies that go into building a productive business. One of those strategies involves the particular location of your business.

You try to choose the perfect location to maximize business and profit. So, what happens when the government claims the right to the property you chose? Eminent domain can seriously impact business practices, but there are ways for business owners to protect their investments and interests. 

Commercial properties may be leased or purchased

When moving to a new community, a Florida resident may have to decide if they want to buy a new home or rent a residence until they are ready to make a real estate purchase. The decision of what to do may depend on their finances, their long-term plans to stay in the area, and other important factors. Just like private individuals, businesses must also go through this assessment process when they are deciding on where to open their operational spaces.

Commercial real estate may be rented or it may be bought. Money is a big factor that will influence what a business owner will decide when it comes to finding a new space for their entity; if money is tight, a business owner may opt to rent so they do not have to have as much of an up-front investment.

What is an express easement?

Easements can be confusing for Florida residents to understand. On the one hand, an easement does not give an easement holder a property interest in the land that they are allowed to use. On the other hand, however, it does not allow the actual land owner from barring the easement holder from entering onto the landowner's property for limited and specific purpose.

Therefore, an easement is a right to use the property of another person for a specific purpose, such as accessing public land that is only reachable through a private party's property. Easements may be express or implied, and this post will provide more information on what it means to hold the right to use an express easement.

Private beach properties in Boca Raton under scrutiny

Florida is home to many natural wonders, with one of the most beautiful being its miles of coastal beaches. The state has beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean and provides its residents with many places to live and play near the water. In Boca Raton, many residents love the miles of undisturbed beaches that they consider part of the city's character. While much of the land is publicly owned, certain stretches of it are owned by private individuals.

Land use disputes have recently arisen in that community regarding building projects that would break up the city's long stretches of undisturbed beaches. In particular, two parcels are under consideration for development and both are owned by private parties. On one parcel a large private home is planned to be built and on the other a duplex structure is intended.

Land owners deserve a fair valuation of their properties

Eminent domain is a complex legal process wherein a governmental body may take land from a private property owner and compensate them for the taking. While it may seem as though a Florida land owner will ultimately be made whole through the compensation they receive from the governmental body, this is only true if the land which was taken was valued appropriately.

Valuation is the process of determining how much something should cost and, when it comes to land, valuation is critical to ensuring that individuals get a fair price for what they must give up. Whether it is through a private sale or a taking through eminent domain, property owners can and should work with professionals who will help them advocate for fair property valuations.

How does the eminent domain process work?

Eminent domain is a confusing process. To fully protect your rights and obtain fair compensation, it is important to understand how it works. Even if you do not object to the taking, it is important to have an attorney assist you with the process to ensure the procedure is carried out properly and that key attributes have been considered to recover the value lost by the taking.

The impact of hurricanes on property values

Every year coastal communities across the nation brace for the possible damage that comes with hurricanes. Floridians have had to weather many serious storms in the last decade, and just recently Hurricane Michael wreaked havoc on the state as it boomeranged through the Gulf of Mexico and slammed into the panhandle. With all of the destruction that hurricanes bring with them readers may be left wondering just what happens to real estate markets when the big ones hit.

In the case of Hurricane Florence, a massive storm that hit the Atlantic Coast earlier this year, some experts think that individuals will flee flood-prone areas and leave many homes for sale in such communities. This may cause home prices to drop as individuals elect not to buy in storm-ravaged areas and more and more houses on the market drop asking prices.

Options for getting into the Florida housing market

Not everyone's lifestyle is amenable to home ownership. Buying a home literally requires a person to put down roots and to invest time, energy, and money into the residence that they have chosen to make their own. However, for many Americans, home ownership is part of the dream they have for their futures. This post will offer some suggestions to readers who are struggling to find their footing in the residential real estate market.

Often first-time prospective home buyers are overwhelmed by the costs of the houses in the neighborhoods they want to live in. They may be drawn to particular communities because they are close to their jobs or have good schools but may find that they just do not have they spending power to get in. One way that new home buyers may be able to penetrate their desired locations is by purchasing homes that require some work.

Technology may determine the future of zoning

Zoning, or the division of land into zones designated for certain types of use, can be a very complex and contentious process. Many parties have conflicting interests that they seek to protect through zoning. When city officials gather to determine zoning, the going can be slow. Technology can expedite the process and help ensure fairness. A startup out of Florida is influencing how cities plan zoning in our digital era.



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