Helping renters affected by the eminent domain process

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2015 | eminent domain

It’s one thing to hear the term eminent domain used by a third party, but it’s another thing altogether when the term is used in conjunction with the property on which you currently reside.

Indeed, after getting over the initial shock, you will most likely have a multitude of questions and concerns ranging from whether you will be able to secure fair compensation to whether the government is even legally permitted to pursue this course of action.

These questions are likely even more numerous if you are one of the thousands of people here in Orlando or across the Sunshine State that don’t own a home, but rather rent an apartment, duplex, condominium or space for a mobile home.

In general, Florida law dictates that renters are entitled to some compensation should the place where they reside become the subject of a taking by either the state or federal government, including reimbursement for any equipment or fixtures that will be forfeited on account of the forced relocation.

Furthermore, the lease they signed may contain an otherwise enforceable condemnation clause outlining the compensation to which they are entitled should a forced relocation occur.

At the Property Rights Law Firm, P.A., we understand how difficult these situations can be for renters, who may not get any sort of straight answers from either the government or their landlord as to the forced condemnation or the compensation available.

That’s why we strive to not only provide renters with the answers they need and deserve, translating otherwise complex statutes and precedent into understandable terms, but also to fight to secure the full measure of compensation to which they are otherwise entitled under state law.

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