Legal support for late summer moves

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2019 | residential real estate

While it is often the case that Florida residents look for homes where they expect to live for the long-term, it is not unusual for changes to happen in their lives that may necessitate moves. For example, a divorce or remarriage, a job transfer or change or even the birth of a child may all force home owners to look into moving to accommodate their changing needs. Summertime is a popular time for individuals to sell their homes and relocate as it minimizes the disruptions their families may experience since most children are on break from school until fall.

For readers who are planning summer moves, legal help is available. Selling a home can be a difficult and somewhat overwhelming process, especially when conflicts with buyers, lenders and other parties cloud the sale of a home. Real estate disputes can destroy possible sales relationships and legal issues can delay sellers’ options for moving forward with new purchases of homes.

Just as home sales can be muddied by issues, so too can home purchases. Individuals often must coordinate the sales of their existing homes all while locating and offering to buy new homes in which to live. The legal ramifications of undertaking two significant real estate transactions at once can be great and not everyone is prepared to take them on without help.

The Property Rights Law Firm works with residential real estate clients who are struggling to make their summer moves and relocations happen without legal hiccups and headaches. The firm supports multiple offices in the state and is prepared to take on new clients who wish to effectively complete their real estate transactions and to move their lives forward.