A variance may help a landowner effectively use their property

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | land use & zoning

It is an erroneous assumption that once Florida residents acquire a parcel of land they may do whatever they want with it. While most individuals only want to build their own homes or construct commercial spaces, others may have greater plans that do not conform to the zoning restrictions that are placed on their parcels. Past posts on this land use and eminent domain blog have discussed zoning in detail, as well as options land owners may have to work within their zoning restrictions to achieve their property goals.

One option that land owners may have to get permission to use their properties as they see fit is to secure variances. A variance is parcel-specific exception to the zoning regulations that are in place and does not affect the zoning of other parcels in the area. A variance lets a land owner use their property in such a way that does not conform to its zoning but that does not change the zoning laws that impact it.

Getting a variance is not always easy, and Florida municipalities are not always willing to grant land owners these important exceptions. When a person may lose the use and enjoyment of their land due to the restrictive zoning regulations in place, they can consider seeking legal help to help their arguments find footing.

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