Commercial real estate leases should meet tenants’ needs

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2019 | commercial real estate

Florida residents who rent apartments may have noticed that many of the contracts they were asked to sign look the same. Residential real estate leases often contain the same boilerplate terms, with few changes to show that they cover different properties and different amounts of rent. This is not the case for commercial properties, however, and when it comes to drafting a lease for a commercial space, a prospective tenant should be sure that their contract represents their needs.

For example, a commercial lease should be clear on what types of uses may be permitted in the space to be leased. If a landlord prohibits the type of business operations that the prospective tenant plans to do, then their lease may be contrary to their needs. Similarly, if a prospective tenant expects to improve the commercial space to meet their needs but their landlord will not allow modifications, then the prospective tenant may need to find a new commercial space to rent.

Commercial leases can bind tenants to certain terms, so it is, therefore, important that commercial real estate tenants understand what they will be bound to when they sign contracts and agreements. The payment terms, lease schedule, and other details of their documents will hold them to certain obligations and may give landlords rights to sue if those terms are ignored.

Prospective commercial tenants have rights and can walk away from lease negotiations that do not serve their interests. Those who want legal assistance from real estate attorneys can seek out their own counsel to ensure that their leases will meet their expectations and protect their interests.