Confident representation for commercial real estate disputes

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2019 | commercial real estate

Owning a commercial property can be a lucrative endeavor for a Florida resident. When a commercial property is rented to capacity, its owner may enjoy significant rental income for the term of their standing leases. However, getting commercial space rented and finding tenants who will abide by the terms of their leases can be a hard process to complete.

Readers who have allowed others to use their properties as rental spaces know that there is no guarantee that their properties will be treated with respect and care. A property owner may find during the term of a lease or after it has completed that a commercial tenant caused major structural damage to the space. While the commercial rental agreement that governed their relationship with the tenant should offer guidance on how such problems may be remedied, holding a tenant accountable for the harm they cause can be a difficult process to undertake.

The Property Rights Law Firm advocates for individuals who are fighting to protect their property interests in commercial real estate disputes. The practice offers legal services related to many real property matters, including but not limited to eminent domain, residential real estate transactions, and more. However, it understands the important and unique issues that can affect commercial property owners.

The Property Rights Law Firm has two locations in Orlando and Lake Mary, Florida. Representatives of the firm support clients throughout the state with their real property legal matters. To learn more about the firm, readers may visit the Property Rights Law Firm through its webpage on commercial real estate disputes.