Zoning and restrictions can limit property owners’ rights

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2018 | real estate disputes

It is often said that a person is the king of their own castle, which means that in their home, they are in charge. While this popular phrase is true to some extent, certain laws, restrictions, and ordinances can limit the rights that Florida property owners have to use their properties as they see fit. Restrictions to a property owner’s rights can limit their use and enjoyment of their property and threaten its loss.

For example, prior posts on this blog have discussed how zoning can impact the use of a person’s home or parcel of land. If their intended use for their property does not conform to the zoning restrictions for it, they may be sanctioned for using their land as they desire. Zoning can be challenged in some cases, and individuals facing zoning issues can discuss their concerns with real estate attorneys.

Additionally, certain properties may be subject to covenants that restrict how owners must maintain their land, limit the use of improvements upon it, and even choose to decorate structures with landscaping and painting. Neighborhoods that have homeowners’ associations may require owners within the borders to conform to such practices to maintain a particular aesthetic for the area.

Knowing just what one is getting into when they buy a new piece of land or a new home is important to ensure that they will be able to use their property as they desire. Having a trusted real estate attorney review the zoning, covenants, and other restrictions that may apply to a parcel or structure is a good way to avoid real estate disputes later on after a property sale is complete.