How can I settle a boundary dispute with my neighbor?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | real estate disputes

Even when property owners hold massive stretches of land, they will be forced to share boundaries with their neighbors. Property boundaries are the lines that separate parcels from each other and, when questions arise regarding where boundaries are located, Florida neighbors can face serious disputes.

One way to address a boundary dispute is to have the relevant properties surveyed. A property survey will establish the lines of a parcel of land and determine where it ends with regard to other parcels. When a survey establishes property lines, the owners may choose to fence in their land to avoid future conflicts.

Another way to deal with boundary disputes is to form an agreement with a neighbor about where the line should exist. Individuals may be able to work together to establish agreeable boundary lines, so they have a clear understanding of the limits of the land. Real estate attorneys can help individuals draw up these types of contracts.

Litigation is another way a boundary dispute may be resolved and can be pursued through a quiet title action. A lawsuit for quiet title places the responsibility of settling the boundary dispute in the hands of a judge and the parties are forced to accept the outcome of the court’s decision.

Getting to the bottom of a property dispute can help a property owner use their land to the fullest potential. Boundary issues can be frustrating and complicated, but the help of real estate attorneys can make a huge difference in the resolution of such matters.