Private beach properties in Boca Raton under scrutiny

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2018 | eminent domain

Florida is home to many natural wonders, with one of the most beautiful being its miles of coastal beaches. The state has beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean and provides its residents with many places to live and play near the water. In Boca Raton, many residents love the miles of undisturbed beaches that they consider part of the city’s character. While much of the land is publicly owned, certain stretches of it are owned by private individuals.

Land use disputes have recently arisen in that community regarding building projects that would break up the city’s long stretches of undisturbed beaches. In particular, two parcels are under consideration for development and both are owned by private parties. On one parcel a large private home is planned to be built and on the other a duplex structure is intended.

Despite the fact that the land is privately owned, community members in Boca Raton are opposing the building projects because they are fearful of what they will do to the city’s natural beauty. Several years ago the city looked into buying the plots from the owners but determined that it was not in a position to pay the more than $13 million bill it would take to claim the land through eminent domain.

As it stands, private land owners are in a battle to use their property as they wish all while contending with individuals who wish to restrict their rights under the guise of bettering the community as a whole. Eminent domain disputes can be difficult and costly and when they happen individuals can seek legal help from property and land use attorneys.