Florida city may use eminent domain to prevent development

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2018 | eminent domain

Florida is known throughout the world for its gorgeous stretches of beach. Our state is unique for its combination of city living and beachfront beauty.

However, urban development and nature preservation often clash with each other. Developers, property owners, beach preservationists and city planners frequently butt heads over development plans. This is evident in the plans for two new buildings that might mar a stretch of pristine Florida beach.


Beachfront buildings in Boca Raton

Private developers plan to build two 50-foot buildings on one of Boca Raton’s gorgeous beachfronts. The plans have raised a public outcry, with residents urging city officials to prevent the development. Currently, the parcel of land is home to sea grapes and golden sand dunes.

The city is considering using eminent domain to take the land. The property owners, however, have dug in their heels. If Boca Raton officials proceed with eminent domain, the owners will have no choice but to cede their land.

Public interest vs. private property rights

These dilemmas take place in Boca Raton, but the issues at hand are relevant in many Florida cities. When public officials use eminent domain to reclaim private land, it raises many issues regarding private property rights and public interest.

Although the city claims that it is in the best interest of the public to preserve the land, this imposes on the rights of the property owner to do with their land as they see fit.

With Florida’s current housing crisis, the debate between preservationists, residents and landowners will continue to grow. Property owners must protect their own best interests and defend their rights.