Real estate battle puts Jetty Park in dispute

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2018 | real estate disputes

Two communities in Florida are dealing with a long-running real estate dispute that is dividing port commissioners and other local officials. Port Canaveral and Brevard County are engaged in a dispute over 9.6 acres of land, part of Jetty Park located in the town of Port Canaveral. The county leased the land to the port for 20 years beginning in 1995 for a nominal amount of $1 annually. After the lease expired in 2015, the parties have been unable to reach a new agreement for the future of the land to either renew the lease or for the county to sell the land to the port.

The disputed land comprises highly trafficked areas at the park, including a parking lot as well as the main entrance road to the area. The park takes up 45 acres in total, and the port owns the remaining 35.4 acres. On that portion of the land, the park features a fishing pier, restaurant, campground and other sites.

While the county has offered to sell the port the land for $862,950, the original purchase price it paid, the port contends that the land is only worth $192,000 as it is landlocked. Port commissioners have disputed amongst themselves regarding the accuracy of the latter assessment but have also highlighted the numerous improvements that the port made to the land over the 20-year lease period. County commissioners have also debated the issue and rejected an attempt to put the issue on an agenda. County officials have threatened to remove the port from the land if an agreement is not reached.

Real estate disputes can happen between towns, cities or even neighbors. When a plot of land’s ownership is questioned, or an easement is blocked, it can cause tremendous disruption in the lives of all parties involved. Working with a real estate attorney can help people negotiate for a solution or settle the matter through litigation in court.

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