Online opportunities for real estate investing

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2016 | commercial real estate

It used to take many years for Florida real estate developers to build a network of financing contacts. Before the Internet and the passing of the JOBS Act, they had to have face-to-face meetings in order to find potential partners. Now, they are able to find accredited investors with the click of a mouse.

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, there are currently over 12 million households in the United States that could now qualify as accredited investors. Investment sponsors can use modern technology and easy-to-use online investment platforms to help the abundance of potential new real estate investors find opportunities.

With all of the online tools that are now available for potential real estate investors, the real estate market is becoming demystified. New investors now have easy access to the latest data and trends forecasts for the particular real estate market they want to invest in. According to the 2015CF Crowdfunding Industry Report by Massolution, there was over $2.5 billion generated for global real estate investments through online platforms last year. This year, online investments in real estate could reach $3.5 billion globally.

Crowdfunding platforms and commercial real estate investment trusts have opened up real estate investing to many more potential investors. Though it may be easy to invest in a commercial property online, people could lose money if they don’t understand the details of an investment opportunity. A real estate law attorney may be able to help a client to determine whether an investment is a good opportunity and represent the client’s interests in negotiations.