Florida Developer disputes pipeline path

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2016 | real estate disputes

Few of the eminent domain suits filed on behalf of the proposed Sabal Trail pipeline are as egregious in their scope as that filed against one Florida property developer. One portion of the pipeline’s path seeks to cut directly through a proposed development of thousands of homes in Osceola County.

The proposed site of Greenpointe Communities is resting on top of the pipeline’s proposed path. The appointed receiver for the property insists that he is attempting to provide viable alternatives routes for the pipeline to consider instead of the 50-foot wide easement. The current path would cut through almost 20 acres of the development.

As one of the largest properties threatened by the pipeline’s route, the head of the Greenpointe development on BK ranch could see an enormous settlement on the other side of successful litigation. Reports indicate that the developer was initially offered $600,000 to allow the route through his 1,000-acre property. If allowed to counter-litigate, the developer estimates that the damage to his property developments could reach somewhere in the area of $13 million. Despite the injustice of the proposed seizures, the developer insists that he is still attempting to negotiate in good faith to find a mutually equitable solution.

Real estate disputes and eminent domain seizures can be frustrating, protracted affairs. Those facing such a dilemma may find that the representation of an experienced attorney can guide them through this trying time and help protect their rights from infringement by a faceless entity seeking to remove them from their home and property.