Sabal Trail pipeline faces civilian and military roadblocks

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2016 | real estate disputes

The Sabal Trail pipeline project has been a source of great contention for residents and property owners throughout Florida. As of the last couple of months, the project has filed over 160 eminent domain suits against Florida property owners, but they are not the only concerned group pushing back against the controversial land seizures.

While many of the potential victims of the eminent domain seizures are private citizens and property developers throughout the state, some of the proposed path for the pipeline traces through land under the control of the Army Corps of Engineers. The Army Corps of Engineers shoulders some of the responsibility for looking out for the state’s wetlands and water supply and has grounds to be seriously concerned about the implications of this controversial land use. Since the Army Corps of Engineers is jointly responsible with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for granting land use permits, civilians disputing the path of the pipeline through their private property may have an ally in the military.

Many civilian landowners have voiced concerns over the viable safety and long-lasting effects of such a project, not to mention those individuals who are facing the prospect of having their private or developing properties seized unfairly. Many landowners are reasonably concerned over the potential effects on property values from ground and water contamination, explosions, and property desertion related to the pipeline.

Such concerns deserve to be competently represented by attorneys experienced in real estate disputes and eminent domain battles. All individuals affected by the proposed pipeline project may find that a qualified legal professional can help represent their interests and protect their rights.