Lawsuits filed by Sabal Trail to use eminent domain

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2016 | eminent domain

Many Florida residents are finding themselves on the receiving end of controversial eminent domain lawsuits aimed at seizing land for a contested natural gas line. The pipeline, known as the Sabal Trail Transmission pipeline, is targeting 25 properties in central Florida and has filed eminent domain suits in federal court.

Several of the suits are in conflict with in-process property developments, including one plot which has been slated for the development of 2,400 homes near Intercession City in Osceola County.

Documentation from local and state utilities providers indicate that the Sabal Trail pipeline, if it is successful, intends to slice through the Four Corners area of Osceola County, as well as curving down around Walt Disney World, ending up at a pipeline hub near Reunion Resort Golf Course.

Those seeking to oppose these eminent domain suits are fortunate in that public awareness of dangers surrounding such pipeline construction has been rising significantly over the last year. Last October, a large natural gas leak near Porter Ranch, California, released roughly 1,200 tons of natural gas into the community each day until it was successfully contained nearly five months later in February. Many residents of the area were forced to evacuate their homes after experiencing nausea, nosebleeds, and other ailments suspected to be related to exposure to natural gas.

Being served an eminent domain suit can be a frightening ordeal, but it is far from a decided matter. Attorneys experienced in opposing eminent domain suits can defend you and your family from the unfair seizure of your property.