Environmentalist concerns over Sabal Trail pipeline

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2016 | eminent domain

For the last several months, Florida residents have been voicing concerns about unfair property seizures sought by the Sabal Trail pipeline. Unfair property seizures are not the only public frustration brought to the forefront by the proposed project, however. Noted environmentalists have a growing list of worries regarding environmental impacts that the pipeline could produce.

The Gulf Restoration Network, one of several groups opposing the pipeline on environmental grounds, suggests that the project may not only affect property owners within the state but may also have dire effects on the unique geology of the region. Central Florida contains large areas of unstable, perforated limestone bedrock, which allows significant water flow through itself. There is great concern that this unstable environment is a dangerous place to route a high-pressure, potentially explosive pipeline.

Environmentalist concerns for the potential effects of the pipeline are not confined to activist groups, however. According to a letter sent to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (which is the agency tasked with granting permits for such pipeline construction), the Environmental Protection Agency also shares many of the same concerns regarding the instigation of spontaneous sinkholes throughout several regions of the proposed route of the pipeline project.

Property owners across the state have expressed numerous concerns about the unfair negative impacts the pipeline may have on their property values, not to mention the outrage of many of the individuals with the prospect of having their property unfairly seized through eminent domain. Anyone with property seizure concerns should not have to feel helpless in the face of a large corporation or government entity. The representation of an experienced eminent domain attorney can help to fight unfair property seizure.