Savers and experienced investors can work together for profit

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2016 | commercial real estate

People in Florida who have been cautious savers all their lives might be looking for a way to get a bigger return on an investment. For experienced real estate investors, these cautious savers might be the answer to increasing their profit as well.

An experienced real estate investor is generally interested in three main types of investments. Even though a long-term rental mortgage can be funded by a traditional lender, a passive investor might be interested in this opportunity. In a wholesaling investor purchase-to-sale, the investor needs money from purchase to closing. This is usually about a day. In fix and flip investing, money is needed for rehab as well as purchase. What is known as a transactional lender may fund this type of purchase, but the cost is high and an experienced investor might prefer to work with the saver.

The saver is usually a person who has been diligent throughout their life about saving money, but these savings have been placed in certificates of deposit, savings accounts and other low-yield vehicles. They might also have stocks and bonds that are not returning much. By working with an investor, the saver might take a moderate risk and get a much higher return more quickly while the experienced investor may make a better profit than they would with other types of lenders.

Working with an attorney might also be helpful for the saver or the experienced investor. A number of issues may come up in the process of purchasing real estate or as an investor, and an attorney may be familiar with the complexities as well as any changes in the law, issues related to taxes and more.