Relying on a real estate agent

On Behalf of | May 4, 2016 | residential real estate

Florida residents who take care in choosing who they want to rely upon when they buy or sell their homes may reap significant benefits. Those who fail to do so, on the other hand, could lose out in financial terms. Real estate professionals aren’t interchangeable and that people who want to buy or sell ought to work with individuals who are well acquainted with the neighborhoods and other factors that affect property transactions.

According to one adviser, the benefits of experienced real-estate representation could be long-lasting. For instance, someone who lists their home with a well-qualified agent may realize an average sale price that’s more than $4,000 higher than they would otherwise make. These additional funds can be invested for future undertakings, such as education or retirement.

Real estate agents with experience also bring their networking skills to the table. They may have connections to service providers, such as subcontractors or home improvement professionals. These contacts may even offer discounts because of their business relationships with the agent in question. Some experienced agents are also more heavily focused on building relationships with clients, so buyers and sellers might find them more accommodating of their financial constraints, personal circumstances and business concerns.

Inexperienced representation may also fail to help prospective property owners understand how the law affects them. For instance, title issues could drastically reduce the value of property investments. This is why that, in addition to an agent, having an experienced real estate attorney review all of the pertinent documents as part of the due diligence process could be advisable.