Having the right information important in eminent domain cases

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2015 | eminent domain

It can be a very shocking thing for a Florida property owner when they discover that the government is taking an eminent domain action against their property. There are many big decisions that can come before a property owner in eminent domain matters.

When making such decisions, having the right information can make a big difference. This is the case whether a property owner is trying to contest an eminent domain action or trying to negotiate fair compensation for the government taking their property. Thus, careful information gathering can be important when facing an eminent domain action.

There are many sources for information in eminent domain cases. One is the notice the property owner received from the government about its initial offer and its intent to take an eminent domain action. There is a variety of information such a notice is required to contain. There is also information beyond that contained in the notice that a property owner an eminent domain action is being taken against generally has a right to request from the government. For examples of the type of information required in a notice and the type of additional information that generally can be requested, see our firm’s page on eminent-domain-related public notice.

Our firm understands the valuable role having the right information can play in eminent domain cases. We can help property owners understand what information gathering rights and options they have in connection to an eminent domain action. We also can analyze the available information to help a property owner have a full picture of their eminent domain matter and the choices they have.