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Having the right information important in eminent domain cases

It can be a very shocking thing for a Florida property owner when they discover that the government is taking an eminent domain action against their property. There are many big decisions that can come before a property owner in eminent domain matters. 

Important consideration for the novice real estate investor

Thanks to record foreclosures and plunging home values, the memory of the recent recession undoubtedly looms very large for many Americans. As understandable as this is, people can nevertheless find solace in the fact that the real estate market has made something of a remarkable recovery over the last few years.

What eminent domain measures did Florida take post-Kelo?

Ask virtually anyone with a legal background and they will tell you that one of the most important cases in modern-day eminent domain jurisprudence is Kelo v. New London, which was decided by the Supreme Court of the United States back in 2005.


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