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Understanding construction defects and your recourse

While many Florida residents aspire to purchase the perfect home, others prefer designing and constructing their dream home. Building a home can be a lengthy task, as there are many components that go into constructing a house. Thus, this opens up the possibility that something might go wrong at a certain phase in the building process. And, if construction defects occur, it not only creates setbacks but could compromise the overall value of the finished home.

Legal support for late summer moves

While it is often the case that Florida residents look for homes where they expect to live for the long-term, it is not unusual for changes to happen in their lives that may necessitate moves. For example, a divorce or remarriage, a job transfer or change or even the birth of a child may all force home owners to look into moving to accommodate their changing needs. Summertime is a popular time for individuals to sell their homes and relocate as it minimizes the disruptions their families may experience since most children are on break from school until fall.

What are CC&Rs?

Residential real estate contracts can be filled with massive amounts of confusing boilerplate terms that mean very little to nervous home buyers. Most Florida home buyers want to get through the purchase process as quickly as possible so that they may close on their properties and begin moving into their new residences. However, before they sign on the dotted lines and commit themselves to buying their intended homes, they should fully understand all of the covenants, conditions, and restrictions that are placed on the properties.

What are contingencies in a real estate purchase agreement?

Anyone who has bought or sold a home in Florida knows that the contracts that govern the sales can be incredibly long. Real estate contracts contain many terms that bind the parties to certain actions and provide them with specific remedies if the other party breaches the agreement. Included in those terms are contingencies and this post will discuss those in more detail.

Home ownership may not be for everyone

Owning a home is one of the pillars of the traditional American dream. Many Florida residents may prioritize saving their money, so that one day they can afford a down payment on a residence of their very own. While owning a home certainly has its advantages, there are individuals who may not want or benefit from taking on the responsibility of owning real property.

Millennials are breaking into the Florida housing market

Buying a home is a big undertaking at any age. It can take years for an Orlando resident to become financially stable and be able to commit to the long-term payment of a home loan. From saving for a down payment to finding an affordable residence that meets one's needs, a person can spend a lot of time planning their residential real estate purchase.

Contracts and the transfer of residential real estate

Contracts put into words the agreements that Florida residents make in many different areas of their lives. They may sign contracts when they accept new employment, and they may execute contracts when they hire contractors to do work on their homes. Contracts may be used when children are put into day care, when vehicles are bought, and when business entities agree to work together. Contracts are everywhere, including the real estate world.

Property disclosures and the sale of a home

Florida residents may learn to live with some of the idiosyncrasies of their homes. An individual may know where their floors squeak or which drawers stick when they try to pull them out. Because they become accustomed to their homes' quirks, they may learn to live with issues that could otherwise be repaired. When it comes time to sell their homes, however, they may have to disclose the problems they have put up with to their prospective buyers.

What should I look for when I buy my first home?

The decision to purchase a home rather than continuing to rent from others is a very big deal. A Floridian may save their money for years just to have the opportunity to get into the housing market and, when they do, they will want to be sure they are making a good decision about the property they buy. This post offers some general considerations for new home buyers when they begin the home buying process.

What you can do to prepare to sell your home

Moving away from a family home can be an emotional experience for a Florida family, but when job transfers and other life events force moves, individuals should do whatever they can to get the best possible value out of their residence. This can mean starting early to prepare for putting a house on the market in the future.


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