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Florida family in HOA dispute concerning fence

Owning real estate often means dealing with various issues related to that property. For some, that may simply mean maintaining the property and paying a mortgage and property taxes. For others, this may mean complying with certain regulations concerning their parcel of land. Specifically, if there is a Home Owners Association, property owners not only have dues but must also comply with the rules set by their HOA. Failing to do so could result in a real estate dispute.

How may ordinances impact a property owner's rights?

Individuals who keep up with this Florida-based real property and eminent domain legal blog likely recognize that there are many ways a property owner's use of their land may be limited. From covenants built into residential homeowners' associations to zoning laws that affect entire municipalities, how a property owner uses and enjoys their land may be affected by different regulatory bodies and documents. Ordinances are another form of limitation that could affect how a person is able to develop and use their own property.

Legal representation for those facing real estate disputes

Property ownership is a goal of many Florida residents, and while some individuals hope to buy their own homes, others aggressively pursue commercial real estate opportunities to grow their wealth. Buying and selling real estate is a big business in the state, and in order to successfully negotiate the purchase of a property, a person must work with the seller to find terms that are agreeable to both parties. As readers can expect, problems are not uncommon during these negotiations.

Sound guidance for Florida real estate disputes

Over the last few months, this blog has published a number of posts that show how landowners can use and interact with their properties. From variances and covenants to easements and zoning, there are many different issues that can impede the use and enjoyment of the land that individuals own. Working around these issues can be an undertaking and some property owners may not know where to start.

What is a covenant?

Florida is home to many exclusive neighborhoods that offer their residents beautiful grounds, impressive amenities, and other perks. The homes in these neighborhoods are often quite valuable, and residents may have options for customizing those structures into the houses they wish to live in. Despite the money they pay to purchase their homes and the modifications they make to ensure they have what they want, residents may still be restricted in what they may do with their properties in such places.

Zoning and restrictions can limit property owners' rights

It is often said that a person is the king of their own castle, which means that in their home, they are in charge. While this popular phrase is true to some extent, certain laws, restrictions, and ordinances can limit the rights that Florida property owners have to use their properties as they see fit. Restrictions to a property owner's rights can limit their use and enjoyment of their property and threaten its loss.

How can I settle a boundary dispute with my neighbor?

Even when property owners hold massive stretches of land, they will be forced to share boundaries with their neighbors. Property boundaries are the lines that separate parcels from each other and, when questions arise regarding where boundaries are located, Florida neighbors can face serious disputes.

Do not let a dispute derail your pending real estate project

Growth and the construction of new buildings are signs that communities are prospering and ready to thrive. All across Florida new housing developments, industrial parks, and commercial centers are popping up, giving individuals new choices for where to live, work, and shop. The developers behind these projects are at the forefront of building opportunities for those who are parts of their communities.

Real estate battle puts Jetty Park in dispute

Two communities in Florida are dealing with a long-running real estate dispute that is dividing port commissioners and other local officials. Port Canaveral and Brevard County are engaged in a dispute over 9.6 acres of land, part of Jetty Park located in the town of Port Canaveral. The county leased the land to the port for 20 years beginning in 1995 for a nominal amount of $1 annually. After the lease expired in 2015, the parties have been unable to reach a new agreement for the future of the land to either renew the lease or for the county to sell the land to the port.

Florida Developer disputes pipeline path

Few of the eminent domain suits filed on behalf of the proposed Sabal Trail pipeline are as egregious in their scope as that filed against one Florida property developer. One portion of the pipeline’s path seeks to cut directly through a proposed development of thousands of homes in Osceola County.


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