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Loss of homeowner tax deductions could undermine home prices

The tax reform bill moving through Congress could have a big impact on homeowners in Florida, especially those planning to sell. The National Association of Realtors has analyzed the potential effects of the tax changes and concluded that housing prices will drop nationwide by rates of 10 percent to 21 percent.

Home sellers and negotiation pitfalls

Florida homeowners who are trying to sell their home may encounter many roadblocks while attempting to get the price for which they are asking. While the condition of the home plays a significant role in how much it sells for, the negotiation skills of the seller are also a factor, and there are certain mistakes that should be avoided.

Basic approaches to selling a home with two mortgages

Homeowners in Florida carrying two mortgages still have the ability to sell as long as they pay off both loans at the conclusion of the transaction. For someone whose house has a value that meets or exceeds the loan balances, the process is largely similar to selling a home with a single mortgage. When the loan balances total more than a property's value, then a homeowner might pursue the strategy of arranging a short sale.

More Americans opting to not buy homes

Florida residents of all ages may be less likely to buy a home in the next 10 years. According to a survey by Experian, more than a third of those between the ages of 18 to 34 said that this would be the case for them. Furthermore, the study found that 25 percent of all Americans would decide against home ownership in the next decade.

Selling a larger home

Many people of retirement age living in Florida consider downsizing their residence. This tends to occur because the kids are out of the house, and large homes require a fair amount of maintenance. However, some homeowners may be concerned about their ability to sell a large home to Millennials who often have different priorities when choosing a place to live.

Fall season creates advantages for homebuyers

Although Florida has mild weather all year, autumn still opens up opportunities for homebuyers. Most people seeking a new home do so in spring and summer, especially if they have children who need to start at a new school. As a result, the residential property market slows down in fall. People still in the market have less buyers to compete with. This often grants them greater negotiating power.

Millennials and home ownership

Many millennials living in Florida and around the country are struggling to find ways to buy a home. While this generation may seem to be taking its time in becoming homeowners, it turns out that there are multiple factors making it difficult for them to afford real estate of their own.

Helping service members buy a home

Buying a home is a milestone for both civilians and members of the military. Just like civilians who travel a lot for work, those who are stationed in Florida or elsewhere may need to take their job into account when timing their home purchase. This is because a person in the military may be ordered to another base or deployed with little or no warning.


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