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Florida Developer disputes pipeline path

Few of the eminent domain suits filed on behalf of the proposed Sabal Trail pipeline are as egregious in their scope as that filed against one Florida property developer. One portion of the pipeline’s path seeks to cut directly through a proposed development of thousands of homes in Osceola County.

Legal battle pits beachfront tradition against real estate development

From its classic surf culture to its world-renowned NASCAR track, the Florida city of Daytona Beach has a truly unique vibe. Indeed, the city -- and much of Volusia County -- is well known for its unrestricted beach access, even allowing motorists to drive and park their vehicles right on the sandy coastline in some places.

City gets stuck in lease dispute between a mall and its tenant

The Florida city of Palm Beach Gardens apparently has some special perception of the image it wants to portray. It has gotten involved in a lease dispute between a mall owner and a mall tenant in which the city is supporting the mall's position that the types of stores in the mall must present a certain image of luxury and expensive taste. The posh Gardens Mall is currently in a dispute with an anchor tenant, Sears, regarding the right of Sears to sublet second-floor space to Dick's Sporting Goods.

Easement disputes can get dicey

In law school, students are taught to think of ownership over a piece of property to be like a bundle of sticks. Each stick in the bundle represents a particular right. Many people think of owning real estate to be an all-or-nothing proposition -- either you own it or you don’t. In fact, it is possible to own property while having limitations on your ability to do whatever you want on that piece of land.

The real estate dispute involving the church and the pop singer

While the majority of real estate disputes fail to generate many headlines, there is currently one brewing in the state of California that has piqued the curiosity of people across the nation and even around the world.  


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