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What is a 'buffer yard?'

Many areas in Orange County, Florida, are zoned for specific or multiple uses, such as retail, commercial and multi-family. According to Orange County Code Section 24-5 on Buffer Yard Requirements, the goal of such is to reduce the negative impacts, both physically and visually, that may be possible with the use of the abutting property. There are six buffer classifications in Orange County and here are details on a few of them.

Local governments mean business when it comes to easements

Chances are good that as you make your way through your neighborhood, you don't give a second thought to the periodic sight of large green metal boxes -- above-ground transformers -- situated near the curb. That's largely because you might imagine that these transformers are solely the business of the local government and/or utility company.

Helping homeowners with questions about water and sewer projects

When bulldozers, gravel trucks and other heavy equipment starts rolling into a nearby vacant lot or somewhere even closer to your property, there's a very good chance that a new structure is going to be built sooner than later.

Calls for an Everglades bike path met with opposition

This past summer, we discussed how efforts aimed at introducing an oil drilling operation  in the Florida Everglades were encountering considerable opposition from local officials and may stand to be derailed altogether thanks to the previous assignment of a stringent conservation zoning classification to the land in question.  


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