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Memorial may subject business owners to eminent domain

On June 12, 2016, 49 men and women were killed at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando by a gunman. The event rocked the state of Florida and shocked Americans throughout the country. Individuals connected to the heinous crime have fought to keep the memory of the victims alive and in the wake of the unspeakable tragedy formed the onePulse Foundation.

Obtaining compensation for your business after eminent domain

You own a business on land that the government hopes to condemn for public works. Although you have owned and maintained your business for years, the eminent domain process may allow the government to quickly obtain your land and use it for city projects. Know that if you receive notice for eminent domain, you are not alone, and an attorney can help you in your quest for compensation.

Boca Raton may invoke eminent domain

Some residents in Florida may be required to sell their property to protect a local beachfront. Specifically, Boca Raton officials may take possession of seven properties north of the Boca Inlet. In 2016, several property owners were asked to voluntarily sell their properties, but no one was willing to sell. Now, the government may try to use the principle of eminent domain to take those properties.

Collier County to appeal court's decision in eminent domain case

Property owners might be interested in a case that is currently pending in Florida. The case involves Collier County and the lawsuit that was filed and won against it by a subsidiary of CVS Health called RTG and Holiday CVS. In that case, a jury awarded the plaintiffs $6.5 million in an eminent domain case.

Florida family fights back against eminent domain

A Florida family won a minor victory in 2017 in a long legal battle against the city of Cape Coral over an eminent domain land purchase that began in 2014. While the family expects legal arguments may continue, the City Council agreed to drop the matter and purchase a nearby parcel. The case represents hope for landowners who may be facing eminent domain and a reminder that opposing unfair takings does have a chance of success.

FDOT highway plan criticized by local residents and businesses

The Florida Department of Transportation has modified its plans to increase the capacity of 24 miles of U.S. Route 231, and the agency now says that the highway will only be widened to six lanes between U.S. Route 98 and Penny Road. However, this news has not been received warmly by some local residents and businesses who have accused the FDOT of deliberately releasing the details of its plan way in advance in order to drive down property values in the area.

Responding to an eminent domain ruling

Landowners in Florida may have heard of "eminent domain," they but might not be familiar with the intricacies of the concept and the legal issues that surround it. Eminent domain means that the government has a right to take the land of a private citizen for public benefit. The government must pay the landowner fairly for the land. In practice, however, eminent domain is rarely this straightforward.

Property may be at risk in Sabal Trail pipeline construction

Florida may be one of the sites for the next battle over the building of a pipeline, and the rights of property owners could be at stake. Already, eminent domain has been used to seize 160 homes in the planned path of the pipeline, which will run through Alabama and Georgia as well as Florida, and property values have plummeted for some homes that were not seized.

Environmentalist concerns over Sabal Trail pipeline

For the last several months, Florida residents have been voicing concerns about unfair property seizures sought by the Sabal Trail pipeline. Unfair property seizures are not the only public frustration brought to the forefront by the proposed project, however. Noted environmentalists have a growing list of worries regarding environmental impacts that the pipeline could produce.


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