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January 2018 Archives

How to prepare to buy a home

For some Florida residents, purchasing a new home is a major goal for 2018. The initial step for becoming a first-time homeowner is to check credit scores. Ideally, a prospective buyer will have a credit score of at least 620. Those who are interested in improving their credit scores may do so by raising credit limits or getting caught up on late or missed payments.

Zoning issues may affect 3-year-old's dream playhouse

A family's playhouse has grown to create a full-blown land use and zoning nightmare in one Florida neighborhood. Built on a vacant lot they own that adjoins the lot of their home after what what was apparently an incorrect statement regarding zoning laws, the $5,000 wooden playground may have to be razed because free-standing structures built on vacant laws require a permit. The family does not have a permit for the structure, but the father stated that he spent three months building it after a county engineer told him there was no such requirement.

Mistakes in CRE investing

Florida residents who are interested in commercial real estate should be aware that purchasing and managing investment properties properly requires significant effort. The challenges can lead to certain mistakes, which investors should make every effort to avoid.

Rule changes for purchasinng a home with a HECM reverse mortgage

A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) is a financial solution that seniors in Pennsylvania 62 and older can use to secure the funds they need to purchase a home. Previously, homeowners wishing to complete a HECM reverse mortgage had to determine if they wanted to maximize their HECM cash draw and pay a penalty insurance premium. HUD has since applied a premium that's 2 percent of the borrower's property value no matter how much a senior prefers to draw.


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