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Selling a house during a divorce

Couples around the country who file for divorce sell their primary residence 61 percent of the time according to a study from the real estate marketing firm Smart Agents, and one or both of the spouses involved may have good reasons for wanting to conclude a deal quickly. The upheaval involved in selling a home can strain even the strongest relationships, but many common pitfalls can be avoided if Florida spouses are able to put their differences aside and concentrate on their common goals.

Parties at loggerheads in Florida zoning dispute

Recent media reports suggest that a Florida businessman is embroiled in a zoning dispute over a proposed used car lot that has dragged on for more than two years. The entrepreneur, who has 25 years of retail car business experience, says that the lot he wants to open would be a welcome resource for those who live and work in an around Parker, but municipal authorities are holding firm to their position that the zoning rules clearly forbid the kind of business he wants to open at the site.

Loss of homeowner tax deductions could undermine home prices

The tax reform bill moving through Congress could have a big impact on homeowners in Florida, especially those planning to sell. The National Association of Realtors has analyzed the potential effects of the tax changes and concluded that housing prices will drop nationwide by rates of 10 percent to 21 percent.

Home sellers and negotiation pitfalls

Florida homeowners who are trying to sell their home may encounter many roadblocks while attempting to get the price for which they are asking. While the condition of the home plays a significant role in how much it sells for, the negotiation skills of the seller are also a factor, and there are certain mistakes that should be avoided.


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