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February 2017 Archives

Energy industry ups and downs impact commercial real estate

Florida investors and developers can gain insights into how economic booms and busts influence commercial real estate by looking at the energy sector over the last few years. In June 2014, a barrel of oil demanded $107, and employment was high among energy industry workers in oil drilling and processing centers in the United States and Canada. Less than two years later in February 2016, oil had dropped to a 12-year low of $26 per barrel.

Hard money loans for residential real estate

Purchasing residential properties can be competitive in Florida, and some buyesr may need to secure funding for a purchase as fast they can. Many real estate investors go to hard money lenders for bridge loans that can be taken out while they are waiting to be approved for loans with more favorable terms.

Federal Reserve and commerical real estate risks

Florida real estate investors and developers should know that Federal Reserve officials are closely watching the prices of high-rise apartment buildings. Ten years after the housing market collapsed in the United States, this part of the commercial real estate sector has the potential of becoming the next asset-price bubble.


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