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Why it may be wiser to buy a home in winter

There is a lot involved in purchasing a home in Florida. One aspect that potential buyers must consider is timing. Typically, people look to buy a new home in the late spring, summer or early fall. Once winter starts, new home sales often dwindle. The truth is, however, that there can be some real advantages to buying a home during the colder months.

Factors to consider when purchasing a commercial property

Florida business owners may wonder about the decision whether to rent or purchase commercial property. Benefits may be obtained through the purchase of commercial property but require complex consideration. Information on some things a potential purchaser of commercial property needs to know may be helpful in making that decision.

Structure options for real property investments

Florida residents with real estate investments may already be aware of the advantages of holding property in a limited liability company. An LLC provides pass-through taxation for its owners while also shielding them from liability. C-corporations also provide liability protection, but they are subject to double taxation, as they are taxed on profits and then shareholders are taxed on distributions.

Super-wealthy still buying luxury homes

People who have net worths of $50 million or more are still interested in purchasing high-end real estate in Florida and elsewhere despite the softening market for luxury homes. There are approximately 123,000 people worldwide who have that status and who make up the global top 1 percent.


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