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The biggest international real estate investor

Many properties in Florida are being sold to Chinese investors, as these investors go on what has been referred to as a U.S. buying spree. In 2015, Chinese investors purchased a slew of homes in large cities like Miami, New York and Los Angeles at an average sale price of $832,000 per home. Over the last five years, real estate investors from China have bought $17 billion worth of U.S. commercial real estate and $93 billion worth of U.S. homes.

Banks have high percentages of real estate loans on their books

As compared to the 1950s, banking in Florida and around the country has a substantially different focus today. In the 1950s, commercial banks had more commercial and industrial loans in their portfolios than real estate loans. Today, the balance has reversed with commercial banks having substantially more real estate loans rather than commercial and industrial loans in their portfolios.

Restaurants replacing department stores as anchor tenants

Florida residents may be surprised to find out that Americans spend more money in restaurants than they do in supermarkets, and this love affair with eating out is throwing a lifeline to commercial real estate's struggling retail sector. The increasing popularity of online shopping and the collapse of several prominent retailers has cast a shadow over the future of the nation's shopping centers and arcades, and many mall operators are looking to franchise restaurants and eateries backed by celebrity chefs to put a stop to years of decline.

The causes of slower restaurant spending growth

Traditional brick and mortar retail stores in Florida and around the country are finding it increasingly difficult to lure customers away from their computers and the conveniences of shopping online. The rise of e-commerce has led many once prominent retailers to close their doors for good, and mall operators around the country have often turned to restaurant chains to fill cavernous retail spaces once occupied by department stores and other anchor tenants.

Florida Developer disputes pipeline path

Few of the eminent domain suits filed on behalf of the proposed Sabal Trail pipeline are as egregious in their scope as that filed against one Florida property developer. One portion of the pipeline’s path seeks to cut directly through a proposed development of thousands of homes in Osceola County.


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