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Commercial property market could see improvements

According to experts in the field, 2016 might be a strong year for commercial real estate in Florida and around the country. A May Forbes Insights survey of some 201 industry insiders revealed that around 47 percent believed U.S. markets had already entered recovery. When companies were polled, 71 percent said that the market offered sufficient investment capital, and more than half of the respondents were taking measures to secure existing low financing rates for the future.

Ten-X Nowcast reports rise in commercial real estate values

Florida real estate investors might be interested to learn that U.S. commercial real estate values jumped by 0.6 percent between March and April, according to the latest Ten-X Commercial Real Estate Nowcast. The increase means valuations are 7 percent higher than in April 2015.

April 2016 report on commercial property values

Commercial property values in Florida and around the country have seen robust growth in recent years, but the latest Commercial Property Price Index released by the leading real estate research firm Green Street Advisors indicates that this growth may have now ground to a halt. Commercial real estate prices plunged during and after the 2008 financial crisis, but several years of double digit gains have seen values surge past even their peak pre-crisis levels. While the latest Green Street Advisors report reveals that commercial property prices are a healthy 7 percent higher than they were in April 2015, it also shows that they did not increase at all in April 2016 from the previous month.

Relying on a real estate agent

Florida residents who take care in choosing who they want to rely upon when they buy or sell their homes may reap significant benefits. Those who fail to do so, on the other hand, could lose out in financial terms. Real estate professionals aren't interchangeable and that people who want to buy or sell ought to work with individuals who are well acquainted with the neighborhoods and other factors that affect property transactions.


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