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Congressman has controversial plan for water runoff

A Florida congressman has proposed a federal solution for a water overflow problem in the Everglades. However, some critics say that the plan, which will have to rely on eminent domain, won't actually solve the problem. The issue revolves around Lake Okeechobee, a lake that overflowed in the 1920s in a storm that killed over 2,000 people.

Commercial real estate and crowdfunding

Real estate developers in Florida have enjoyed a new potential capital source through crowdfunding in the last few years. General advertising for certain types of investments has been allowed since 2012 when some of the restrictions forbidding the practice were removed.

Innovation's influence on commercial real estate businesses

The concept of the garage startup might be familiar to Florida entrepreneurs, but transferring this concept into the realm of large corporations might be challenging. There can be a great deal of flexibility in a small company that has minimal investments. As a large company becomes successful, however, the need for structure can hinder the ability to innovate. At the same time, innovation could make the difference between barely succeeding and thriving, especially with regard to technological innovation. Commercial real estate is an area in which technology can make a huge difference in the ability of participants to thrive.

City calls using eminent domain a 'fall-back position'

Deciding to sell your property is a big decision, but in the long run it can be in your best interests. In the most optimal situations, you get to decide when to sell, for what price and to whom you want your sell your property. However, these elements can all be considered luxuries when you are presented with an offer by the government in the form of an eminent domain action.

Real estate markets may be slowing

Florida real estate investors may be interested to learn that the growth in some of the country's top real estate markets may be slowing. Sales at one high-rise residential structure in New York City are said to have plateaued, for example, and although it is reported that 70 percent of units have sold, not all of the sales have closed. As a result, some of the units are now being divided in hopes of attracting buyers who do not want to spend as much. Throughout the city, expensive apartments may take up to three months to sell.


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