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Understanding more about the commercial real estate appraisal process - II

In a previous post, our blog spent some time discussing how first-timers looking to buy or sell commercial property, or even determine an accurate value for a commercial lease must understand that the appraisal process is decidedly different in this area than it is for residential real estate. 

What is a 'buffer yard?'

Many areas in Orange County, Florida, are zoned for specific or multiple uses, such as retail, commercial and multi-family. According to Orange County Code Section 24-5 on Buffer Yard Requirements, the goal of such is to reduce the negative impacts, both physically and visually, that may be possible with the use of the abutting property. There are six buffer classifications in Orange County and here are details on a few of them.

Legal battle pits beachfront tradition against real estate development

From its classic surf culture to its world-renowned NASCAR track, the Florida city of Daytona Beach has a truly unique vibe. Indeed, the city -- and much of Volusia County -- is well known for its unrestricted beach access, even allowing motorists to drive and park their vehicles right on the sandy coastline in some places.


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