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How much do you know about foreclosure in Florida? - II

In our previous post, we started discussing how truly intimidating it can be when past due notices from a mortgage lender start appearing in your mailbox with greater frequency and you're left wondering whether the foreclosure process will be initiated.

How much do you know about foreclosure in Florida?

There is perhaps nothing more frustrating and frightening than falling behind on mortgage payments despite your best efforts. Indeed, these feelings become amplified after you start receiving past due notices from the mortgage lender demanding you become current on your payments.

Helping clarify the eminent domain process - II

In our last post, we began the process of providing a more in-depth, yet readily comprehensible, look at the complex legal procedure that is eminent domain. Specifically, we discussed how each of the terms contained within the Fifth Amendment's definition of eminent domain had a very precise meaning in the eyes of the law.


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